RuthForWebRuth has a proven record of developing successful organisations. She has an extraordinary desire to see healthy organisations and communities.

Australia’s Most Dynamic Coach for the Nonprofit Sector

I have been working with nonprofit organisations for 20 years and have a burning desire to help organisations change the world. It’s not easy working in the nonprofit sector, there are many challenges and disappointments. But it is also the most exciting and rewarding sector to work in.

I’ve been working on the Pillars of Best Practice for many years and wanted to develop a process to enable organisations to learn about the pillars and use them to their own advantage. I want to see this become an opportunity where community leaders, board members, staff and volunteers can learn, discuss and debate how to improve their organisation and the sector.

It’s a movement and my vision is to have millions of people and experts from around the world come together in order to benefit each other, our communities and our world. Passionate people who are ready and willing to create massive influence and change in their community.

I’m excited and I hope you are too!

Join the vision and get involved – your community needs you!

Ruth Knight
Dynamic Nonprofit Coach