Home News Do your donors trust you?

In a recent survey of 3000 Australians, Guide Dogs Australia were voted as the most trusted charity in a national survey by the Readers Digest magazine. This is good news for Guide Dogs Australia because everyone wants to be trusted brand doesn’t it?!

Trust is critically important but unfortunately a lot of nonprofit organisations are not spending enough time and resources on developing trust and confidence within their community and with their donors.

Katherine Gaskin suggests that public confidence in nonprofit organisations is low, and has been declining for more than a decade and its threatening their sustainability. She cites UK research conducted in 1996 that revealed that not a great percentage of the public trusts charities in the sector. Only 33% of those surveyed said they have confidence in charities to be honest and fair, only 25% said they had confidence in the church and 11% in the government and only 7% said they trusted the press.

Gaskin states that this lack of confidence has serious implications, including shrinking income and volunteering contributions, a threat to the sector’s status as a means of building civic responsibility and of promoting citizenship and skills development. It also threatens the sector’s credibility and potential influence. Undoubtedly, this lack of confidence and demand for more accountability and transparency could jeopardise organisations being sustainable.

So how do we gain and build trust and confidence with our donors? What should organisations be doing to retain the loyalty of donors so they keep donating year after year?

There are a number of strategies worth looking at:

  1. Having regular and relevant communication with donors.
  2. Promptly saying thank you for donations and support.
  3. Letting donors know about the results and outcomes of the organisations work.
  4. Communicating why the organisation needs the donor to keep supporting.
  5. Being transparent about how donations are spent and what the organisation is achieving.

If you are not sure about what donors think about you, if they trust you or if they are loyal to you, then it’s best to do some research. Then you will know what your organisation needs to do to increase donor trust and confidence.

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