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The first webinar was great. If you didn’t join us, you missed a great start. However, the recording is available in the members area so you can watch it now.

I dispelled some myths about workplace change. I covered why it is important for you to manage change effectively and the difference it can make to your teams moral and engagement.

The most successful organisations that manage change well, are ones that have a change ready culture. I discussed the ways to foster this culture.

The next webinar is all about how you should conduct a SCOT analysis to be most effective. SCOT exercises should be used by everyone in your organisation at any time from planning through to evaluating  your project or service.

“The traditional SWOT analysis was developed in the 1960’s by researchers from Stanford Research Institute, funded by Fortune 500 companies, to establish how to achieve greater success in their businesses. The SWOT analysis is still used today by for-profit, government and nonprofit organisations who are committed to achieving organisation success. If you are not using this free and simple tool, then you should be!”