The Pillars of Best Practice is a framework which acknowledges that while all nonprofit organisations are different, there are some common best practice principles that make all organisations successful.

There are nine pillars, each with seven indicators that guide and promote best practice within nonprofit organisations.

Pillar Goal
Preparation An organisation capable of addressing the changing needs of the internal and external environment and its stakeholders.
Principles A mission-driven organisation whose actions reflect a commitment to the organisation’s purpose, values and responsibilities.
Planning An organisation that makes sound strategic decisions and plans about how to achieve the best outcomes for the organisation, its workforce, clients and community.
Promotion An organisation that promotes its mission, goals and achievements using conversation, consistent clear messages and stories that compel people to participate in or support the organisation.
People An organisation that invests in developing the workforce and the organisational culture so that individuals and teams are productive and supported in the workplace.
Processes An organisation that has good processes, policies and systems that promote consistency, efficiency and accountability.
Performance An organisation that provides a healthy workplace where individual and team performance is monitored and continuous performance improvement is pursued.
Partnerships An organisation that creates a culture of partnerships where everyone has a role and responsibility to foster transparent and meaningful relationships with supporters, donors and funders.
Proof An organisation that collects ongoing data and evidence about its activities and outcomes, then uses that evidence to improve its performance and impact.

You have free access to these pillars, the rationale for the goals and the seven objectives for each pillar. There are also reflective questions to help you think about how well you already meet the pillar, or what you can do to improve the pillar in your organisation.

In each resource, webinar, event or seminar, the focus will be on best practice. You will always get to take away ideas, support and an action plan to take back to your organisation.